Hummel Themes – Old vs New Changes

        While looking through the Internet at the various M.I. Hummel figurines, I noticed that there were some obvious differences in certain figurines of the same number depending largely on the trademark but not always. The following are some examples of this that you may wish to use as a theme to collect the set of each of a certain figurine number that interests you the most. The oldest figurine is to the left with the newer version to your right.

HUM 72 – Spring Cheer

     Height – 5″ to 5½”
     Designed in 1937 by master sculptor Reinhold Unger, this figurine was originally called Spring Flowers. It was modeled from the artwork called Just for You, H 271. There have been some significant variations in Spring Cheer over the years of its production. It was initially released wearing a yellow dress and no flowers in the right hand. During the period of the Stylized Bee TMK-3, the figure was produced with a green dress and flowers in the right hand having been restyled in 1965 by master sculptor Gerhard Skrobek who added the flowers to the right hand. This is the way the more recent versions are found. Some of the old versions without flowers were left over and were painted with a green dress to match the newer models. The one in the middle is the rarest of the two green dress models and is worth $1,200 to $1,500 in 2013 prices according to Von Recklinghausen. Records show that this figurine is Temporarily Withdrawn (TW) from production as of December 31, 1984. The suggested retail price for Spring Cheer was $55 in the 1984 price catalog. The girl in the middle shown sold on 11 October 2020 for $70. This proves that there are still some good examples of rare Hummels at affordable prices available!


HUM 74 Little Gardner

     Height – 4″ to 4½”
     This figurine was originally modeled by master sculptor Reinhold Unger in 1937 and restyled many times since. Earlier models TMK-1 Crown through TMK-3 had an oval base and this was changed to a round base with the TMK-3 trademark. Some of the earlier Crown figurines had a dark green dress as shown here and was later changed to a lighter green to yellow dress. The Full Bee was then changed to a yellow dress and has remained through the latest version. Another way to quickly view the earlier trademarks is the flower is much larger, almost egg shaped whereas the TMK-3 round base introduced a half sized flower and in TMK-5 it became even flatter. The figurines to watch for here are the TMK-1 Crown of course and also the TMK-4 Three-line trademark of which there have not been found any to date. There have been many color variations on the girl’s apron noted. The Little Gardner sold for $4 on the 1955 price list.


HUM 153 – Auf Wiedersehen

     Height – 5¼”
     Originally modeled by master sculptor Arthur Möeller in 1943, the first figurines, known as Good Bye in the older catalogs,  were produced in the large size only with a plain 153 incised mold number. This small size of 5¼ inches was introduced later in the early 1950s with the boy wearing a hat and waving his hand without the handkerchief. This size is always found in the Full Bee TMK-2 trademark with the “0” size designator directly under the number “153” and is considered rare. This particular style was made in the small size only. Both sizes of Auf Wiedersehen were permanently retired by Goebel on 31 December 2000 and will not be produced again. The latest value placed on this figurine is by Heidi Anne Von Recklinghausen of between $1,800 and $2,400.


HUM 214 A – Virgin Mary and Infant Jesus

      Height – 6½”
     Closed Edition (CE)
     The nativity set was first produced and sold in 1952 having been modeled by master sculptor Reinhold Unger in 1951. The set was sold in white overglaze finish but is no longer sold this way and is considered rare and usually brings a premium. Early production of this HUM 214 A as the Virgin Mary and Infant Jesus was made in one figurine only in the Full Bee TMK-2 trademark and due to production difficulties, it was from then on made as two separate pieces beginning with the Full Bee trademark, each having the same number, 214 A, incised on the bottom of each one. This one-piece unit was sold in white overglaze finish as well as being offered in full color and both are considered to be quite rare and are now considered a Closed Edition (CE).


HUM 314 – Confidentially

     Height – 5¼” to 5¾”
     This was first introduced in the U.S. market in 1972 and was originally modeled by master sculptor Horst Ashermann in 1955. It was later restyled in 1972 by master sculptor Gerhard Skrobek who made a number of changes such as the stand with an extra horizontal and thicker support, he added a red-orange tie to the boy and gave it a new textured finish. The early models have an incised copyright date of 1955 while the restyled version has an incised date of 1972. The issue price in 1972 for this figurine was $22.50 and has been “Temporarily Withdrawn” (TW) in January 1999. This is also the  official figurine of the M.I. Hummel Club, Phoenix Roadrunner “Confidentially” Chapter.


HUM 337 – Cinderella

     Height – 4½”
     Modeled by master sculptor Arthur Möeller in March of 1956 and the first sample was painted by master painter Franz Kirchner in July of 1956, this figurine of Cinderella was introduced in the U.S. in 1972. Gerhard Skrobek restyled the figurine in 1972 with the eyes looking down at the dove and it had a new, textured finish. The restyled version has a copyright date of 1972. The older models have the little girl’s eyes looking above the two dove (open eyes) like the one you see to your left and had an incised copyright date of either 1958 or 1960 with trademarks of TMK-2 through TMK-4 and some have been found in the next, TMK-5. The TMK-2 and TMK-3 trademarks are considered rare and their values reflect this. Another, even more rare version, has a fourth dove resting on the little girls left shoulder. This one on the left was located on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $299.99 plus a shipping charge of $14.90. The most recent estimated price guide has this current value for this TMK-5 at between $720 to $900. A Full Bee TMK-2 has a value placed upwards of $3,000. Make sure your eyes are open for this one.