The creation of this website with its introduction in August of 2020 was out of necessity of my own desire to have quick access to centralized information on the M.I. Hummel figurines and the history behind their ongoing development. There are many books on the subject but very little has been written that I have been able to find for the current date since Heidi Ann Von Recklinghausen’s 2013 2nd Edition of her Price Guide.

This page was updated on 4 March 2021.

       For simplicity and quick access in creating this website, I use WordPress with the free theme of “Go” from GoDaddy. My background with web design dates to 13 March 1993 with my first published website. I could include many additional features and make this a complicated site but prefer to keep it clean and uncluttered using only the simplest features to embody the content for computers, tablets and smart phones.

       This site has gained popularity unlike any other website I have designed. This is possibly due to some of the content not being found anywhere else on the Internet. It is also possible that there is a resurgence of the interest by a younger generation fascinated by the beautiful art and possible future potential for growth in its value. Here is a recent chart from Alexa.com that shows a 90-day growth in popularity with a lower score being more desirable.

       Due to my own personal researching and learning about what is rare and available for an affordable price, there have been many items added to my own collection that is holding its value and even increasing in perspective. There are still many good deals to be found and this is a great time to add to your own interest. Enjoy your passion for the M.I. Hummel figurines from a company that makes the very best and strives to improve with each individual item they produce.

       Here is a QR Code to make it easier to connect to the website with any reader, especially on smart phones. I used QR Code Monkey to create this QR code.

       This site is dedicated to the beautiful young lady I met in college long ago who introduced me to the wonderful world of M.I. Hummel. Her parents were of German heritage and cultured in the finer arts of Europe thereby exposing me to a world I would not have otherwise known.