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     If you are looking for information on recent activity with the M.I. Hummel figurines, there is only one place you need to check – This is your one stop resource for the newest figurines and where to join or renew your annual membership in the Hummel Club in North America.

     As a member of the M.I. Hummel Club, you are awarded with a beautiful pin to show off, in increments of five years, how long you have supported the Club (and the Goebel Club earlier).  We are now celebrating 45 years of support from this wonderful organization in 2021 and I thought it would be nice to show some of these pins through the years past and present.

     The Hummel Club began celebrating their 45th Anniversary in June and they have pulled out all the stops to provide you with a number of figurines to put a smile on your face. Check out these beautiful figurines just waiting to take their place in your growing collection.

This page was updated on 1 July 2021.

HUM 469 – Starting Young

      In celebration of the 45th anniversary of the M.I. Hummel Club, HUM 469 – Starting Young was chosen as the club exclusive figurine offered only to the few members with 45 years with the club. You will have to wait a while before one of these shows up on the secondary market before you can add it to your collection, more than likely.

      Price – $450

HUM 930 – Wondering

    *SPECIAL* New Novelty
    What a contrast between these two fellas, one holding a walking stick dressed in his lederhosen, a dark blue jacket and red shoes with yellow socks and the other in a light green gown holding in his right hand the subject of their focus, just a wondering. Sculpted in 2021 by master sculptor Anette Barth, this 5½-inch tall figurine, Bernd Foertsch remarked that, “Among other novelties, this is my favorite figure from the current issue of this Hummel Post.”

      Price – $455

HUM 2446 – You Belong To Me

   With a Spatzl in her right hand and a pretzel in her left she is ready to take on the world. In a green dress with a white blouse and colorful hair ribbons and head band, this figurine has to be one of the more colorful ones to be offered in quite a while. She is matched with HUM 2447 – We Belong Together below. Be sure to grab both for your collection of limited edition M.I. Hummel figurines. Modeled by master sculptor Marion Huschka in 2021, this 4¾-inch figurine is ready to meet someone for the Bavarian folk festival.

      Price – $290

HUM 2447 – We Belong Together

   A perfect match for HUM 2446 is this little fella in a blue jacket with his feathered hat and Schatzi held with both hands. As the name implies, this figurine matches perfectly with HUM 2446 – You Belong To Me as seen immediately above. Modeled by master sculptor Marion Huschka in 2021, this 5-inch figurine is the other half of the pair for the Bavarian folk festival.

      Price – $290

     The Hummel Club has a wonderful 45th Anniversary couple of figurines to add to your collection as Club Exclusives. Here they are, Thomas and Emma.

HUM 2441 – Thomas

   Badminton racket in hand and the “birdie” at his feet, Thomas is just waiting for his companion, Emma, to join him in a spirited game he hopes to win. Modeled in 2021, this 4½-inch figurine is the other half of the badminton pair.

      Price – $130, includes year 45 Club membership
      Total purchased with Emma – $333

HUM 2442 – Emma

  The companion figurine HUM 2441 – Thomas requires someone to hit the badminton birdie back and he found the perfect match player in Emma. This cute little blond with the blue dress is ready to keep the birdie on the other side of the fence. Modeled in 2021, this 4⅓-inch figurine is the other half of the badminton pair.

      Price – $225
      Total purchased with Thomas – $333


     A very special thank you to Erica at for sharing these beautiful photographs of the latest figurines to come out of Germany this month (June, 2021). It is nice to have a valuable resource and connection to the factory to share with you, the Hummel enthusiast.


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