Hummel Figurine TMKs

         Hummel figurines are a three dimensional porcelain representation of the artwork of Maria Innocentia Hummel who, as a talented artist, drew charcoal and pastel characters of children playing near the German convent where she lived.   This page was created as a convenience for my own quick reference to see what the trademarks and prices are for all Hummel figurines. I hope you will find it to be as useful a tool for your own encounters with these cute and valuable collectables.  Many thanks to Hummel Manufaktur GmbH for the latest details for the following chart!

Updated 8 December 2020

TMK-1 through TMK-11

     You might also find the Hummel Price page as a value suggestion of your favorite collection.

Mark Years Logos
     “ 1935-1955
Full Bee

     “ 1956-1960     

     “ 1960-1963
     “ 1960-1972

Three Line

Last of the Bee
Missing Bee
Small Crown
Big Bee
Yellow Bee
TMK 10
?-Dec. 2017
TMK 11
Dec. 2017
– current

     The chart above helps narrow down the date span when a figurine was created by providing the range of years based on which trademark back stamp the figurine is given. This is a suggested reference to use on the fly (bee) and will be updated as the information becomes available. Many thanks to Hummel Manfaktur GmbH for the latest information on the TMK-10 and TMK-11!

     The accompanying photo of Just Resting HUM 112 3/0 shows three indicators on the bottom of the figurine to help determine which year this item was created. The TMK-2 showing the Full Bee limits production to between 1950 and 1955. What is confusing about this sample is that it also bears the stamp showing “Germany” and not “W Germany” or “West Germany” as you might expect. This places it on or before 1945 after which Germany was divided into East and West Germany. The blue copyright stamp narrows the time down even more to specifically the year 1938.  The TMK-2 Full Bee conflicts with the TMK-1 Germany and 1938 copyright.  This 4-inch figurine would be a nice item to have in a collection as a novelty piece and sold at auction on 13 July 2018 for $50.

     Don’t be surprised if you find two different TMK marks on the same figurine or plate. This happens when the item is in the transition period between the pouring of the mold and the painting of the Hummel. This example is the Hummel 91A Holy Water Font Angel Praying and is a good example showing the incised Crown TMK-1 and the Full Bee stamp TMK-2 on one piece. One could deduce that this item was created before 1950 with the TMK-1 mark but received the finishing touches right around 1950 since it bears the TMK-2 Full Bee mark as well. World War II caused the Goebel factory to temporarily cease production and many of the figurines that had been created before 1940 were later finished and sold after 1950 thus bearing the two TMKs.

     An excellent place to see a good variety of the trademarks and copyright marks is on the Eagles of War trademark page. There, you will see a closeup comparison of each type on the figurines themselves with links to many more examples.

     Did you know?

     Robert Miller says in his book Hummels: 1978-1998: 20 years of Miller on Hummel columns on page 25, “As far as I can determine in my research the “Crown” trademark can be found on at least one size of all M.I. Hummel figurines from HUM 1 through HUM 206. I have never actually seen HUM 207 in a “crown” time period, as confirmed by factory records.”

     The U.S. Zone stamp on the Crown TMK-1 figurines was used between the years 1946 and 1948 to help you date your collection with this stamp.

     The stamped Crown TMK-1 trademark may appear in one of three colored inks: green, blue or black.


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Updated 2 December 2020