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      I was looking for an online index of all the articles published in the 188 (or so) Hummel Insights, Hummel Post and Postillon magazines but was unable to find a complete listing. Therefore, I decided to put together a single index with my own collection beginning with the first through the current issue of these high quality magazines published by the manufacturer since the Spring of 1977. The magazines from April 2018 through January 2019, are also available from in Acrobat format and a link has been provided in the list as well so that you can read these on your digital device.  The index is almost complete thanks to the donation from fellow club members but is still missing a few issues. Check back soon as information is added periodically. Updated 23 December 2022.


     The HUMMELE Express News was a subscription newsletter of about fifteen seasonal publications in total packed full of stories on the life of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel from a first hand experience from one of her child models, Sieglinde Schoen Smith. If you were lucky enough to have copies of this wonderful look into the behind-the-scenes of this wonderful artist, you may appreciate the index created for it as well. Click on the image to the right to gain access to this index.

     Mrs. Smith, born February 2, 1941 in Germany was the wife of Bill Smith of Carlisle, PA and passed away on Sunday, May 24, 2020 at her residence. Her many stories in this newsletter stemmed from an early age due to being a child model of Sister Hummel for many of her sketches that were later transformed into several figurines, one of which you may have yourself. She enjoyed traveling around the United States giving talks to various Hummel clubs. Her stories bring you right in to the heart of the environment created by the gifted artist she knew so well. The newsletter is merely one of her many publications which included Mother Earth’s Quilt Sampler, Quilting Bee and God Did It with his magic! She and her husband were also instrumental in the creation of the Hummel Museum in New Braunfels, TX in 1993 which provided visitors with a view of some of the Sister’s original sketches, and a great many of the figurines brought to life from those very sketches.


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The HUMMELE Newsletter Express (1998-2002) from a borrowed collection.

Updated 22 June 2021