Wolfgang Seidl – Archive Book No. 1

        There has been a lot of excellent literature written by some of the world’s experts on the subject of M.I. Hummel figurines and more. However, there has been very little published in the past decade by any authority until right now. Wolfgang Seidl has written his first in a series of books, soon to be released, on the Goebel archives delving into information that until now has not been readily available to the general public. Herr Seidl has been given access to details on the inner workings of the previous Goebel company and was able to obtain some of the employees work books that provided additional information on some of your very favorite figurines plus much more. He now wants to make this information available to you with this first in a series of books.

This page was updated on 14 October 2022.

Update – 14 October 2022

     Just received an email from Wolfgang that he was relayed news from his publisher of a change in the way they were going to create his first book. He is currently considering other options and there will be a delay at best. More later when there is something to report.

Release Schedule Update – 13 July 2022

     A quick announcement: Herr Seidl indicated that the book may be ready as early as August or September of this year. More to follow soon. . .

Pre-Release Announcement

     Wolfgang Seidl provided a pre-release announcement on 30 March 2022 of the The first archive price guide to M.I. Hummel Figurines, original art & much more – Number One he is about to make public, perhaps as early as the Summer of 2022. This first in his series of books have been checked against the previous experts, namely Miller, Recklinghausen, Lucky and the German Schwatlo books and verified with his own archive and has then added another 25% or more of new information with many pictures and prices. The book is published in the English as well as the German languages. The price of the book and how to order it will be forth coming on this web page.

     In addition to this new price guide, there will also be available a very limited number of three new figurines for purchase supporting the promotion of his book at an additional cost when you purchase this first release. As shown in the photograph above, as long as supplies last, you may have the option to purchase:

  • one of only twenty-five of the HUM 184 – Latest News with the heading of “Wolfgang’s Archive Book No. 1”,
  • one of only fifteen of the HUM 418 – What’s New with the heading of “Wolfgang’s Archive Book No. 1”,
  • one of twenty HUM 900 – Merry Wanderer Plaque with the announcement of “Wolfgang’s Archive Book No. 1”,
  • all three figurines plus the book as supplies last,
  • any two figurines plus the book as supplies last,
  • or just the book alone.

     If you wish, let him know and he will be glad to sign the figurine(s) you purchase as well. All figurines will have the FIRST Wolfgang Seidl Trademark.

     More details on how to obtain this book and figurines with prices will be available very soon and will be updated on this page. The number of items to purchase may vary with time so be sure to get your order in as soon as it is officially announced and becomes available.

     Here are some examples of the very rare figurines that Herr Seidl brought to a recent conference you will find in this price guide. These are HUM 154 – Waiter, HUM 313 – Sunny Morning and HUM 63 – Singing Lesson. Notice how different each is from the standard issue of each.

Who is Wolfgang Seidl?

     “Seidl spent ten days in Africa with a good friend. The trekking tour first took Seidl to two other peaks: Little Meru and Mount Meru. The ascent was “much too easy for Seidl.” After all, Mount Meru is 4,565 meters high. But he “played through the extraordinarily good preparation.”

     Only at Kilimanjaro does he reach his limits. “I wanted to give up several times,” recalls Seidl. “It was close that I wouldn’t have made it.” But a good friend had given him a talisman that made him forget all the adversities. His drinking water was frozen, even though he had bought neoprene gear for the ascent. And two Hummel figurines in his backpack gave him the strength to make the climb. Seidl is one of the most renowned collectors of the famous Hummel figurines: During the ascent, Seidl had a hiking figure designed by Maria Innocentia Hummel and a summit cross in his luggage. Seidl looks happy as he holds the figures for the camera at 5895 meters on the summit of Kilimanjaro.” – Donaukurier Riedenburg.

Famed Hummel figurines get the axe

     “A spokesperson for the company in northern Bavaria confirmed Wednesday that Goebel will be reducing production until the end of the year when they will stop making the stylized child figurines altogether.

     Hummel collector, retailer, and head of the 25 German Hummel clubs, Wolfgang Seidl, told news agency DDP that the announcement has been devastating. “I love these figures, this calm, this peace,” he said.” – The Local.

Celebrate Oktoberfest

     “At the INTER-CHAPTER CONFERENCE in Williamsburg, VA Come one, come all to the Inter-Chapter Conference, sponsored by the Historical Triangle/Hampton Roads Local Chapter. The event will take place on the weekend of October 14 – 15, 2016 at the Fort Magruder Hotel and Conference Center in Williamsburg, VA. You can look forward to a Friday evening Meet and Greet, Saturday lunch and seminars featuring Ken LeFevre from Club Headquarters and Wolfgang Seidl from Germany – plus some special surprise guests! There will be a festive Oktoberfest dinner on Saturday night, and all weekend long you’ll enjoy a Swap and Sell, games, prizes, raffles, plus the chance to meet and mingle with friends from across the country.” – M.I. Hummel Club INSIGHTS Summer 2016.

Fall Fling in Virginia

     “The Historical Triangle/Hampton Roads Local Chapter hosted an Inter-Chapter Conference in Williamsburg, VA on October 14-15, 2016. Local Chapter members came from far and wide and coast to coast with 17 chapters represented. Attendees were treated to four seminars on Saturday, including a lively session with Newboden principal, Ken LeFevre.

     Other speakers included members Jimmy Johnson, George Gavrell and Wolfgang Seidl. Claire LeFevre conducted a Q&A session to catch everyone up on all the National Club business. There were games, door prizes, a wonderful Saturday night dinner and lots of laughs and mingling among Local Chapter friends. Thanks to all who attended!” – M.I. Hummel Club INSIGHTS Winter 2017.

Hummel pictures complete the collection
Purchase Around 30 works with the world-famous children’s motifs have now gone from Neutraubling to the Rottal Museum.

     “Neutraubling. The delight of the handpicked Hummel fans was great when Wolfgang Seidl pulled around 30 pictures with cute children’s motifs by Berta Hummel from the graphics cabinet and presented them piece by piece to the buyers from Massing. As reported, the Hummel collector Seidl bought a larger archive of Hummel porcelain figures and pictures of the later nun Maria Innocentia and resold the pictures to the Hummel Museum in Massing, among others. Since 1994, the memory of the creator of the world-famous chubby children has been dedicated there.

     With the help of an art historian, the bundle of originals, copies of a fellow sister and photos offered by Seidl were viewed, explained museum director Alfred Hummel. The artistically valuable works of his aunt, who died in 1946, as well as works that are still missing in the museum and offer an addition to the inventory were selected. It was agreed not to disclose the purchase price of the acquisitions, which, according to Seidl, were sold at special conditions, said museum director Hummel, a qualified business economist.

     More articles from this department can be found under Regensburg.” – Jaumann


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