It is always a great satisfaction to know that the information provided on this website is of benefit to a reader in one way or another. When someone reaches out to take their time to acknowledge their positive use of the site on the rare occasion, the message is worth recording.


  • “Thank you for your purchase and for sharing your website! Your website is fantastic, and definitely something I’m going to study and refer to. I’ll be processing and shipping out your item right away today. Thank you, – Tyler” (7:51am, 2 December 2022)
  • “Thank you for reaching out, I do greatly appreciate the information you have shared. Well, I am sure the general description of this particular Hummel listing may have sounded a bit familiar. I pulled a lot of info from your site, and I am very grateful to you for the knowledge you have made publicly available, and provided in your message to me here. To clarify, are you explaining that the markings are “normal” because referring to the stamp as a “Rare error” in and of itself is problematic?” – invigoratedtreasures (13 August 2022)
  • “THANK YOU again for all what you do for me and what you do for Hummel.
    Thanks and servus sends
    Wolfgang Seidl” (5:45a, 25 July 2022)
  • “Very interesting reference page. Was unaware of the many figurine variations and I’ll need to keep a look out for these. Hope this Hummel represents a nice addition to your collection.
    Best,” – blackpants (14:57, 6 July 2022)