Non-Hummel Goebels

       There are many different categories of items the Goebel company had created and quite often people become confused with the idea that if it is made by Goebel that it must be a Hummel. Although the M.I Hummel figurines are an important part of the success the Goebel company has enjoyed, these are only one of many different brands created over the years. The following are the marks you may find incised on similar items made by the company but are not Hummels. Some of the confusion may be a result of the same trademarks are used on these items as you will find also on all Hummels. Only M.I. Hummels have the incised or stamped signature located on the item.

This page was updated on 10 March 2021.

       Click on the area of interest for more details and a few examples. If you are serious about collecting Goebel items, be sure to pick up a copy of the M.I. Hummel Collector’s Handbook, Part I and Part II by Wolfgang Schwatlo.


Schwatlo, W. (1994). M.I. Hummel collector’s handbook: Part I. Niedernhause, Germany: Schwatlo.