Hummel Themes – Dogs

        There are about as many ideas for themes as there are Hummel figurines. Here are some ideas that you might want to consider or perhaps some of these may give you an idea of your own. Here is a list for you with 54 Hummel figurines and plaques that I found with dogs as part of the theme. Enjoy.

This page was updated on 13 June 2022.

Hummels with Dogs

HUM 1 – Puppy Love

Retired in 1988
     First modeled by Arthur Möeller in 1935. A few early models in TMK l were made with the head tilted at a different angle and without a tie. This old style would be considered extremely rare in the $3,500-$4,000 range. A RARE terracotta Puppy Love was found in Florida with an incised TMK I and incised T-1. Miller’s value for terracotta $4,000-5,000. According to Goebel records a sample was made with an attached pot. If found value would be $4,000-5,000. Issue price in 1935 was 35¢. In 1955 was $6.50 and in 1988 $125.00. 

For Forty-five years, this figurine has been made in this one size although the actual dimensions have varied. Oversize and undersized examples have been reported. When found, those pieces that deviate more than ¼” should be valued at about 10 percent over the price for the standard 5″ size. Since 1936, the colors have become somewhat brighter. The model was restyled with some noticeable changes, probably in the 1950s; a bow tie was added and the fiddler now looks down at his right shoulder, rather than straight down the violin. The was one of the first ten models shown by Goebel at the Liepzig Fair in Germany in 1935. John Schmid bought a dozen at that time to be sold in the U.S. for approximately $1 each. To this day, these pieces are found without a copyright date. The early catalog listed this piece as “Little Fiddler with Dog” until about 1959. This corresponds to the German name Geigerlein mit Hund. It is the same figure as both models of Little Fiddler, Hum 2 and Hum 4.

HUM 5 – Strolling Along

Retired in 1989
Originally modeled by Arthur Möeller in 1935, restyled by Skrobek in 1962 with eyes looking straight ahead. Older models have eyes that glance off to one side. Color of the dog will vary. “Strolling Along” was permanently retired by Goebel in the fall of 1989 and will not be produced again. According to Goebel records a sample was made with an attached pot. If found value would be $4,000-5,000. Issue price in 1935 was 50¢, 1955 price was $6.00, 1989 price was $120.

HUM 9 – Begging his share

     Originally modeled by Arthur Möeller in 1935 as a candle holder. Many variations in sizes although it is only marked in one size. Restyled in 1964 with a solid cake rather than with a hole for the candle. Can be found in TMK 3 with or without a hole for the candle. Some very early models have been found with brightly colored striped socks. Has also been found in a TMK-1 without a hole for the candle. A very RARE example was found in Europe without the normal base – value $7,000-8,000. Has also been found in Faience. Master sculptor, Tamara Fuchs, remodeled the figurine to a larger size as 9/II.

HUM 44 A – Culprits, Table Lamp
HUM 44 B – Out of Danger, Table Lamp

     Modeled by Arthur Möeller in 1935. Older models have a half-inch larger base with a hole in the base for the switch. Variations in the color of the girl’s dress. Old TMK-1 examples found with the girl in a black dress, others have the normal blue dress. Temporarily withdrawn December 31, 1989.

HUM 56 A – Culprits
HUM 56 B – Out of Danger

     Culprits was originally modeled in 1936 by Arthur Möeller but has been restyled adding an extra branch by boys feet. Older models have eyes open and was known as “Apple Thief” while newer ones have eyes looking down at the dog. TMK-1 & 2 have #56 incised only.

     Out of Danger was originally modeled in March of 1952 by Arthur Möeller, therefore will not be found with the crown trademark. Variations in height and size of the base. Older models have eyes open – newer ones have eyes looking down at the dog. TMK-2 models have an extra flower on the base.

HUM 122 – Puppy Love and Serenade With Dog Bookends

Closed Edition
     Factory Samples only. Listed as a closed edition on factory records 16 June 1939. Records indicate this was made in 1939 by a combination of sculptors. Value – Miller’s Book $10,000 – $20,000

HUM 158 – Girl standing with dog in her arms

Factory archive only
     Factory records indicate “Girl standing with dog in her arms”. Sample model was sculpted by Arthur Möeller in 1943 and was considered for production but was never made. This factory sample does not have the “M. I. Hummel” signature on it. It is listed as Closed Number on 17 September 1943. No known examples have been found in private collections, only the factory archives samples exists.

HUM 178 – The Photographer

     Originally modeled by Reinhold Unger in 1948 and has been restyled several times throughout the years. Many size variations with the older models being larger. Some color variations on the dog and the camera. Some dogs have one ear up. Newer models have a 1948 copyright date.

HUM 306 – Little Bookkeeper

     First introduced to the U.S. market in 1962 this figurine was modeled in 1955 by Arthur Möeller. The first trademark is TMK-3 however, a TMK-2 was purchased at a New York auction at a fraction of its true value. A TMK-2 would be considered rare and Miller’s value is at $4,000-5,000.

HUM 317 – Not For You!

     Introduced to the U.S. market in 1961. Modeled by Arthur Möeller in 1955. First trademark in this figurine is TMK-3 but if found in a TMK-2 would be considered rare. The figurine stands 5½” tall. Some catalogues and price lists incorrectly show the size as being 6” tall.

HUM 324 – At The Fence

     Originally called “The Other Side of the Fence” on factory records, but later changed to “At the Fence.” Modeled in 1955 by master sculptor Arthur Möeller. This early sample model pictured here has a “full bee” (TMK-2) trademark and is part of the Robert L. Miller collection. Listed no factory records as a Possible Future Edition (PFE) and may be released at some future date, subject to possible minor changes.

HUM 339 – Behave

     Exclusive 20-year Club member piece. First modeled by Helmut Wehlte in 1956 and called “Walking her Dog” on old factory records, but later changed to “Behave”. An early TMK-3 sample was found in a home in New York City. It had originally been on display at the New York World’s Fair in 1964. It has a painting date of 5/60 with the O.S. artist initials and is now part of the Miller collection. It was restyled by Skrobek in 1974, changes were made in the base, girl’s hair style, color and style of rag doll, no leash for the dog, position of dog’s ears and tail firmly attached to the girl’s dress. The restyled figurine is TMK-7. Early TMK-3 sample valued at $5,000 – 10,000. In 1996, “Behave” was available to Club members only who belonged to the Club continuously for 20 years. The original issue price was $350 in 1996.

HUM 369 – Follow The Leader

     First introduced in the U. S. market in 1972, this figurine was first modeled by Skrobek in February 1964. No major variations have been recorded in size, color or design. The initial price in 1972 was $110. First trademark for this figurine is TMK-4. Robert Miller values an early sample in TMK-3 $4,000 – 5,000.

HUM 621 – At Grandpa’s

Closed Edition
     First released in fall of 1994. This was an Exclusive Edition for M.I. Hummel Club members only. The figurine was a limited edition to 10,000 pieces and numbered. It bears a Club Exclusive backstamp and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. It was offered for one year only from June 1, 1994 through May 31, 1995. Modeled by a team of artists in 1993 and has an incised 1993 copyright date. A rather tall figurine, it stands around 9”. Issue price was $1,300 in 1994 and is available on the secondary market only.



HUM 667 – Pretty as a Picture

     Modeled by master sculptor Gerhard Skrobek in 1992, this figurine has an incised 1992 copyright date and is 7 1/8 inches tall. It shows a boy and a girl standing beside one another as the subject for an aspiring young boy photographer who kneels down to view the two through the camera lens which is propped on a wooden tripod. It is listed as a Possible Future Edition (PFE).

HUM 763 – Happy Returns

Potential First Edition
     This figurine was first modeled by master sculptor Gerhard Skrobek in 1993. It has an incised 1994 copyright date. Presently listed on factory records as a (PFE) Possible Future Edition and may be released at some future date, subject to possible minor changes. It is a combination similar to HUM 17 “Congratulations” and HUM 9 “Begging His Share”, but with a different dog!

HUM 766 – Here’s My Heart

     First released in the fall of 1997, it is the thirteenth figurine in the Century Collection and will be produced in 1998 only in this Century. Modeled by Helmut Fisher in 1994, it has a circular inscription blue decal that reads “M. I. Hummel Century Collection 1998 and “Here’s My Heart” and TMK-7. It appears to be the only Century figurine with a dog. Issue price was $1,375.

HUM 767 – Puppy Love, Display Plaque

     This 60 Year Plaque 1935 – 1995 was first released to the U.S. market in 1995. Modeled by Helmut Fisher in 1993 it has an incised 1993 copyright date and TMK-7. It also bears a special backstamp: “Special Edition 1995” in German and English. Issue price was $240 in 1995.

HUM 800 – Proud Moments

     First released in US in 1999. Modeled by sculptor Helmut Fischer in 1998. Issue price was $300.00 In The Land of Hummel book free with purchase.

HUM 853 B – Hungarian International

     The collection of international figurines were modeled by master sculptors Arthur Möeller or Reinhold Unger in 1940. Pictured on Page 422 in Miller’s book would be a great find if you were lucky enough to come across this or any other International figurine. This particular figurine was modeled by Arthur Möeller.

HUM 911 – Harmony & Lyric

     Released as a club Exclusive Edition 2007/2008 with the TMK-8, this 5¾” figurine with the terrier comes with an easel and matching sketch on a ceramic postcard. The initial retail price was $350.

HUM 915 – Tuning Up

     Tuning Up was first released in 2008 as the third piece in a series with HUM 404 Sad Song and Hum 911 Harmony & Lyric as the M.I. Hummel Club exclusive for the club year 32. This 5½ inch figurine came with a ceramic postcard and wooden easel and is trademarked with the TMK-8.

HUM 2008 – Frisky Friends

     First released in US in 1997 for Fall Open House event. Modeled by Helmut Fischer in 1996. LE 25,000 worldwide (15,000 for US) Issue price was $198.00. The latest figurine in the Masterpiece Collection, Frisky Friends features a caring boy with two of his best friends playing by his side. The 2017 Limited Edition Masterpiece Collection figurine 2008/III is called Frisky Friends, remodeled by Marion Huschka and is limited to just 1,999 pieces, is 13½” tall and has an issue price of $1,950.00.

HUM 2032 – Puppy Pause

     First released in the U.S. market as a “Special Limited Edition” for Walt Disney World in 2000, with a special decal on the bottom and a gold metal tag with: “A Goebel Celebration Limited Edition 140.” Puppy Pause was released to retailers in early 2002 with a “First Issue 2001” backstamp, in error. These were recalled, but most had been sold. They were replaced with figurines with “First Issue 2002” backstamp. Has an incised 1997 copyright date along with the TMK-8 trademark. The official issue price was $195 in 2000. Companion to HUM 2033 “Kitty Kisses”.

HUM 2037 – Star Light, Star Bright

     First released in 2005, with original issue price of $305 and First Issue 2005 backstamp. It comes with a removable leash and metal tag, suitable for engraving. Has incised 1998 copyright date and the TMK-8 trademark. There are snowballs at the girl’s feet. A suitable companion for HUM 2185 “Winter’s Here”.


HUM 2056 – Possible Future Edition

     I have not been able to find a name for this figurine as of this date.  According to Heidi Ann Von Recklinghausen in The Official M.I. Hummel Price Guide, 2nd Edition and Miller’s 9th Edition,  HUM 2054 to 2057 are Open Numbers (ON) and are not assigned as of 2013. The figurine appears dressed in a red clown suit with yellow dots, a matching hat, large white collar and light blue shoes with his right hand in his pants pocket. He has the attention of a small seated brown dog to his right. This figurine has the incised number 2056 along with the incised 1998 copyright date and the artist’ signature with a date of 5/98 in black ink. The price to purchase this unique figurine was $2,995 plus $34.95 shipping on eBay, 6 October 2020.

HUM 2100 – Picture Perfect

     Limited Edition to 2,500 sequentially numbered figurines issued for 25th anniversary of the M.I. Hummel Club 1977-2002. Issue price for the TMK-8, 8” tall figurine in 2001 was $3,495.00. Stamped with Exclusive Edition M.I. Hummel Club, 25th Anniversary, 1997-2002 and individually numbered. Comes with a separate porcelain plaque and black wooden base. A few Artist Proofs were also made modeled by master sculptor Helmut Fischer in 2000.

HUM 2101 B – A Boy’s Best Friend

     Released in the fall of 2000 with “First Issue 2001” backstamp. The original issue price was $140 each in 2000 for this figurine and a matching “Girl’s Best Friend”. Modeled by master sculptor Helmut Fischer in 1999. It began with a TMK-8 mark is 4 inches tall and has an incised 1999 mark.

HUM 2121 – Soap Box Derby

     First in “Moments in Time” Series issued Fall 2001 has an incised date of 2002. Limited to one year’s (2002) production only. The 6½”-7” figurine designed by Marion Huschka has an issue price $1,200.00. Has a special “Moments in Time 2002 XXI” backstamp. the Fall of 2001 with an incised 2001 copyright date, along with the TMK-8 trademark.

HUM 2124 – Summer Adventure

     Modeled by master sculptor Helmut Fischer in 2001. This is third and Final Edition of the “Wonder of Childhood Collection”. Issued for the Club for year 26 with the TMK-8 with a suggested price of $695.00 in 2002. This 5¾” tall figurine is incised 2001 copyright date and has a Club backstamp of “Exclusive Edition 2002/2003, M. I. Hummel Club” and comes with a wooden base and engraved brass plaque.

HUM 2134 – Winter Time Duet

Launched on QVC during Oktoberfest, later available on the open market. With “God Bless America” and Flag QVC price was $149.00, measuring 4” tall with the TMK-8 mark. Some have the additional phrase “Exclusive Edition” next to the trademark. Some versions have a wooden stand with the phrase “God Bless America” and an American flag on a wooden pole standing behind.

HUM 2156 – Loads of Fun Collector’s Set

     A M.I. Hummel creation portraying a boy busy with his toy truck. The figurine bears a Special Edition backstamp and a distinctive truck icon. This charming little boy plays in a sandbox filled with real sand, part of a unique display reflecting a child’s favorite pastime. A wagon waits nearby, hold a pail and a shovel. a Swing hangs from a tree limb, ready to take the lad for a pleasant ride. The details are charming, from the happy songbird who makes his home in the branches, down to the puppy nestling behind next to the tree. Limited to 1,200 pieces.

HUM 2205 – Trouble Maker

     Modeled by Helmut Fischer, this is the fourth edition from the Moments in Time Collection as a Limited Edition to 5,000 sequentially numbered. It was issued in 2005 for $1,200.00. The sections were cast and then put back together again giving it a total height of about 7½“.

HUM 2229 – Puppy Pal

     Also known as “My dearest friend”. First made available in Fall of 2005, with “Puppy” backstamp in European market as part of Fall Landscape: Hummel Garden, with HUM 2228 “Can’t Catch Me”, HUM 2231 “Friendly Feeding”, HUM 2232 “Let’s Be Friends” and three Fall accessories (Scarecrow, Apple Tree, Wheelbarrow); the set representing Fall in a “Four Seasons” Collector Series. Available on the North American market from January 2006 as part of the “Animal Friends” Collection with an original issue price of $109. The figurine has incised 2005 copyright date, “Puppy” backstamp, and the (TM 8) trademark, no first issue markings.

HUM 2237 – Sunday Stroll

     One of four from the Heart of Hummel Collector’s set limited to 5,000 sets. There is a special backstamp showing a red heart next to the trademark. This figurine stands about 4½“ tall. First released in July of 2006 with an original issue price of $199, bearing the (TMK-8) trademark. Worldwide (LE) Limited Edition of 5000, sequentially numbered. Just 1,500 “Heart of Hummel” Collection Sets are available with matching (LE) Limited Edition numbers on all four Hummels. The Collection Set features HUM 624 “Fresh Blossoms”, HUM 908 “Gone-A-Wandering”, HUM 2235 “Lucky Friend”‘, and HUM 2237 “Sunday Stroll” in a blue rectangular collector tin: set priced $795.

HUM 2264 – Christmas Treat

     From the Holiday Sweets Collector’s Set, standing at 4¼” tall, this figurine was introduced in 2007 for $259.00 with a TMK-8 mark. The set features a playful West Highland Terrier waiting for a Holiday Treat. The figurine has a special 2007 backstamp.

HUM 2281 – Puppy’s Bath

     Sculpted by master sculptor Helmut Fischer, it was introduced in 2009 with a TMK-9 mark. This 4¼“ tall figurine has a suggested retail price of $379.00. A special backstamp shows the 100 year bumblebee M.I. Hummel celebration logo and has an incised 2007. It debuted first on QVC in the fall of 2009, depicts the TMK-9 trademark and the 100th Anniversary backstamp. This backstamp was only available during the 2009 production series.


HUM 2285 – Strolling with Friends

   Introduced in 2009 with a TMK-9 mark, this 5¼“ tall figurine was offered by the Danbury Mint. The figurine shows a boy and girl on a walk with a friendly puppy who wants to play. It is one of the first figurines to bear the TMK-9 trademark and also commemorates the 100th anniversary of Sister Maria Sister Hummel’s birth. It shows a retail price of $529.00. Also known as “On the Way Home.”

HUM 2288 – Sister’s Children

     To mark the 100th birthday of Maria Innocentia Hummel, master sculptor Marion Huschka created one of the most elaborate and enchanting Hummel sets o fall time, the “Sister’s Children” in 2009. Produced exclusively for club members in a small series (300 pieces worldwide), during its production the figurine was pickup up more than 200,00 time before it left the factory. The dog is hard to see but look at the little critter following Hummele.

HUM 2290 – Sailing Lesson

Height – 9″

     This is one of the first figurines created under the Manfaktur Rödental. It is the eighth piece in the “Moments in Time” series with a total of only 2,000 pieces made worldwide. It has the special “100 Years M.I. Hummel” and TMK-9 backstamp with a numbered certificate of authenticity. The issued retail price was $1,700.

HUM 2309 B – Only for You

     Standing 5¾“ tall, this figurine with a TMK-9 has a suggested retail price of $359. This is a companion piece to “Just for You”, HUM 2309/A. Has an incised date of 2009.


HUM 2312 A – Teeter-Totter Time

Height – 7¼”

     This figurine is the ninth piece in the “Moments in Time” series, released in the fall of 2010. It shows a boy and a girl on a teeter-totter where the girl holds a teddy bear and the boy’s dog is along for the fun. This was produced in a limited edition of 2,000 figurines worldwide with the TMK-9 trademark, “Moments in Time” backstamp and is individually numbered.

HUM 2316 – O’Tannenbaum

     Introduced in 2010, the retail price was $459.00. The tree in this figurine stands at 7” tall. The tree is open at the back for what appears to be a place for a candle to show light through the branches.


HUM 2320 – Follow That Fawn

Height – 9¾”

     This was a Masterpiece Worldwide Limited Edition of 1,000 figurines that was released in 2011. It shows two girls and a boy in the forest coming up on a fawn. The little girl kneeling has a basket full of blueberries and is offering some to the fawn. Each figurine is numbered consequently and has a backstamp along with the TMK-9 backstamp and has a certificate of authenticity.

HUM 2340 – Pampered Puppy

     Introduced in 2013 with a TMK-10 at 9½“ tall, this Masterpiece Collection item is limited to a production total of only 999 pieces with an introductory price of $2,199.00.


HUM 2346 – It’s My Turn

Height – 6½”

     This figurine features a little boy practicing his soccer moves while a little grey puppy tries to take the ball. This figurine was initially made with the TMK-9 trademark.

HUM 2358 – Noisemakers

Height – 7″

     This is the tenth edition in the “Moments in Time” series showing a trio of musical performers, two brothers and a dog and their younger sister covering her ears. This was initially released in May of 2011 and produced with a worldwide limited edition of 2,000 figurines. It has the special “Moments in Time” backstamp, TMK-9 trademark and is numbered.

HUM 2362 – Hurry Along

     Hurry Along was modeled to a size of 6½” tall by 6″ long by master sculptor Marion Huschka. This young man is trying to make it to the post office on time with his letter but his puppy has wrapped himself around the street lamp. Mixed media. Trademark 10. Issue price $420.


HUM 2431 – For Elisabeth

    A great gift for the music and dog lover in the family. Master sculptor Marion Huschka has designed the new Hummel figurine with much expressiveness and attention to detail. Our little opera lover even holds a stick lovingly decorated with flowers as a sign of Tannhaeuser’s pilgrimage in his hand. This figurine stands 5¾ inches tall and has a retail price of $450.

Ornament 935255 – Star Light, Star Bright

     Similar to the figurine HUM 2037, this 3¼ inch tall ornament is made of resin. Suggested price is $39.00. Designed in Germany, made in China.

Ornament 935472 – Wintertime Duet

     Similar to the figurine HUM 2134, this 3½“ tall ornament is manufactured in China.


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