Hummel Themes – Christmas

        Christmas is a great time to get out the Hummel figurines to celebrate this festive time of the year. One of the best examples would be the Nativity set of figurines. Here are some additional examples that you may have or wish to have decorate your table for this special holiday date. The following are just a few of the ideas available to place on the table for the Christmas season celebration. Note that there are also a number different designs by the Goebel company of the Nativity but may not have the M.I. Hummel signature. One example would be the Berta Hummel set of children as representatives.

HUM 78/III – Blessed Child (Infant of Krumbad)

        Listed as “In the Crib” in the 1950 catalog, the name was later changed to “Infant of Krumbad” and then in 1985, once again, the name was changed to the current “Blessed Child”. Produced in three different colors, brownish bisque finish, full color and white overglaze. Those found in full color and white overglaze are the preferred versions and command a higher premium price. Initially modeled by master sculptor Erich Latensack in 1937, those with the mold number 78/0, 78/III, 78/VI or 78/6 and 78/VIII were by Erich Latensack. This figurine was restyled by master sculptor Gerhard Skrobek in 1965 and may be found with the mold numbers 78/I, 78/II, and 78/V. A wire halo was used on those with two holes on the back.

HUM 214 – Nativity Set

        The Nativity Set was designed in 1951 by master sculptor Reinhold Unger and initially produced in the following year, 1952. It is typically sold as a set, however, individual pieces may also be purchased separately. Shown to the right are seventeen figurines including optional pieces HUM 214/C – Angel standing, Good Night, HUM 214/D – Angel kneeling, “Angel Serenade”, HUM 214/E – We Congratulate and HUM 214/H – Shepherd Boy, kneeling with flute, “Little Tooter”. The wooden stable “Creche” is also sold separately. In 1963, the HUM 366 – Flying Angel was added to the set.

        Two exceptional pieces to watch for are the earliest version of the Virgin Mary with the attached Infant Jesus as one piece. It was found that there was a problem in the production of this complicated piece and very few of these in both color and white glazed exists today. The second exception is the variation of the lamb where the old style was looking straight ahead and the newer version has the head looking to the right of its body.

        Those pieces which may be found in the standard Nativity Set include the following:

HUM 214/A – Virgin Mary
HUM 214/A – Infant Jesus
HUM 214/B – Joseph
HUM 214/C – Angel standing, “Good Night”
HUM 214/D – Angel kneeling, “Angel Serenade”
HUM 214/E – We Congratulate
HUM 214/F – Shepherd standing with sheep
HUM 214/G – Shepherd kneeling
HUM 214/H – Shepherd Boy, kneeling with flute “Little Tooter”
HUM 214/J – Donkey
HUM 214/K – Ox (cow)
HUM 214/L – Moorish King, standing
HUM 214/M – King, kneeling on one knee
HUM 214/N – King, kneeling with cash-box
HUM 214/O – Lamb
HUM 366/I – Flying Angel

HUM 214 – Nativity Set, white glazed

        The same Nativity set as above may also be found in white glazed but is considered more rare than the color version and will typically bring a premium price in accordance. This set was produced beginning with the Full Bee TMK-2 trademark all the way through and including the Three-Line TMK-4 trademark but has been discontinued. An exception to this is the figurine of the HUM 214/A – Virgin Mary which was produced in white glazed including the same trademarks but also includes the Last of the Bee TMK-5 through the Missing Bee TMK-6 trademarks.

HUM 214 – Nativity Set, terra cotta

        It is reported that the set has also been found in terra cotta finish and is probably only an experimental version as this is extremely rare.

HUM 214 – Special Edition Nativity Set

        This is a very nice way to make sure the incidence of accidentally breaking one or more of these beautiful fine pieces of the Nativity set is always further from actually happening. Although limited to only twelve of the pieces, this is well marked and does not typically have the pieces carefully packaged in a cardboard box marked Christmas decorations as many of us might have. This wooden box measures 24″ wide by 13″ tall and would make a great package as a hand-me-down to the grandkids who probably wouldn’t otherwise take notice of the collection.

        This certain box of Hummel Nativity pieces as shown was located on eBay in December of 2022 for a Buy It Now price of $950.00 plus $18.95 shipping cost from Sylvania, Ohio. A special lower price of $850.00 was offered soon after I found it and marked it to watch. Delivery was estimated to be around Christmas Day, of course. This is only the second such special box offering that I have run across and is no longer available from on their website.

        A third such collection was found on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $2,500.00 plus a shipping price of $29.41 from Cliffwood, New Jersey.

HUM 260 – Jumbo Nativity Set

       A larger version of the same figurines above compares with the Virgin Mary being 9¾ inches tall instead of the HUM 214/A version at 6¼ inches. There is also greater detail in this larger size for each of the figurines.

        This certain complete official collection of 16 pieces plus the wooden Creche was located on eBay with a Buy It Now asking price of $2,100.00 and local pickup only from Nyack, New York. Included in this grouping are the following:

HUM 260 A – Madonna
HUM 260 B – Saint Joseph
HUM 260 C – Infant Jesus
HUM 260 D – Good Night
HUM 260 E – Angel Serenade
HUM 260 F – We Congratulate
HUM 260 G – Shepherd, standing
HUM 260 H – Sheep, standing with lamb
HUM 260 J – Shepherd Boy, kneeling
HUM 260 K – Little Tooter
HUM 260 L – Donkey, standing
HUM 260 M – Cow, lying
HUM 260 N – Moorish King, standing
HUM 260 O – King, standing
HUM 260 P – King, kneeling
HUM 260 R – One sheep, lying

HUM 301 2/0 – Christmas Angel

HUM 323 – Wall Plaque, Merry Christmas

HUM 343 – Christmas Song

HUM 366 – Flying Angel

       Modeled in 1963 by master sculptor Gerhard Skrobek, this figurine was added to the standard size Nativity Set (HUM 214) and makes an excellent addition when hanging in the center of the Creche or even used as a special Christmas tree decoration. For a short period of time, this figurine was offered in limited numbers of white overglaze but is no longer offered. A smaller size at 3 inches was introduced in the United States in 1989 and has the incised number 366/0. The larger size at 3½ inches was renumbered with 366/I.

HUM 396 – Ride Into Christmas

       Offered in three different sizes as HUM 396 2/0 at 4¼ inches, HUM 396 and HUM 396/I at 5¾ inches and HUM 396/III at 9 inches, this figurine is a favorite to bring out for the holiday season. First introduced to the U.S. market in 1972, it was modeled by master sculptor Gerhard Skrobek in December of 1970 and has an incised year of 1971 copyright date. The smaller version was offered in 1982 and has an incised copyright date of 1981. The larger size was released in 2003 and has an incised year of 1991 copyright date.

HUM 473 – Ruprecht

       Modeled in 1986 by master sculptor Gerhard Skrobek with the name of “Father Christmas”, it has an incised copyright date of 1987 and was released in the spring of 1997 in a limited number of 20,000. At the same time, a companion piece with the same sequential number was HUM 2012 – St. Nicholas’ Day for a combined price of $1,000 for members of the M.I Hummel Club only. Robert Miller appraises an early sample with the TMK-6 trademark at $2,000 to $3,000. The figurine of HUM 473 –Ruprecht is seen to the left side carrying a tall walking stick in the photograph following.

HUM 536 – Christmas Surprise

HUM 645 – Christmas Song Ornament

Christmas Plates – Years 1996 to 2000

       Designed by master sculptor Helmut Fischer, each of the plates has the M.I. Hummel inscribed signature as well as in a blue decal, the copyright date and trademark.

  • HUM 692 – Christmas Song Plate 1996
  • HUM 693 – Festival Harmony with Flute Plate 1995
  • HUM 694 – Thanksgiving Prayer Plate 1997
  • HUM 695 – Echoes of Joy Plate 1998
  • HUM 696 – Joyful Noise Plate 1999
  • HUM 697 – Light The Way Plate 2000

Christmas Bells – Years 1989 to 2000

  • HUM 775 – 1989 Ride Into Bell
  • HUM 776 – 1990 Letter to Santa Claus Bell
  • HUM 777 – 1991 Hear Ye, Hear Ye Bell
  • HUM 778 – 1992 Harmony in Four Parts Bell
  • HUM 779 – 1993 Celestial Musician Bell
  • HUM 780 – 1994 Festival Harmony Mandolin Bell
  • HUM 781 – 1995 Festival Harmony Flute Bell
  • HUM 782 – 1996 Christmas Song Bell
  • HUM 783 – 1997 Thanksgiving Prayer Bell
  • HUM 784 – 1998 Echoes of Joy Bell
  • HUM 785 – 1999 Joyful Noise Bell
  • HUM 786 – 2000 Light the Way Bell

HUM 838 – Christmas by Candlelight

HUM 960 – Ride Into Christmas Doll

HUM 2001 – Christmas is Coming

HUM 2012 – St. Nicholas’ Day

       A companion piece to HUM 473 – Ruprecht, this figurine was modeled by master sculptor Helmut Fischer in 1996 and was released in the U.S. market in the fall of 1997 with an incised 1996 copyright date in a Limited Edition of only 20,000.  The little child is based on the HUM 476 – Winter Song and was issued with a price of $650 in 1997. A matching number in combination with HUM 473 could be purchased for the set of $1,000. The figurine of HUM 2012 – St. Nicholas’ Day is seen to the right in this photograph.

HUM 2014 – Christmas Delivery

       Modeled by master sculptor Helmut Fischer in 1996, this figurine was first released in the U.S. in 1997. This was a new work of art approved by the Convent of Sießen based on an interpretation of HUM 424 – Sleep Tight and HUM 396 – Ride Into Christmas. This piece also came in three different sizes, HUM 2014 2/0 in 4¼ inches, HUM 2014/I in 5¾ inches and HUM 2014/III in 8½ inches.

HUM 2015 – Wonder of Christmas

HUM 2073/B – Christmas Carol

HUM 2074/A – Christmas Gift

HUM 2094/A – Christmas Wish

HUM 2106 – Christmas Time

HUM 2234 – Night Before Christmas

HUM 2263 – Christmas Morning

HUM 2264 – Christmas Treat

HUM 2280 – Christmas Duet

HUM 2392 – Christmas is coming

HUM 3015 – Christmas Angel Ball Ornament

HUM 3018 – Christmas Song Ball Ornament

HUM 3023 – Christmas Delivery Puff Ornament

Goebel Camels

       The Goebel Company created three different camels to match both the regular size HUM 214 as well as the HUM 260 Nativity Sets. These are not considered to be actual Hummel figurines as they do not have the M.I. Hummel signature since Sister Hummel never drew any camels. The Bactrian camel to the left is an example of one resting and is Goebel number 46 821-11 being introduced in 1980. A second camel standing up on all four legs is Goebel number 46 819-20 (HX 306-0) and was introduced in the early 1960s. The third as shown below represents a Dromedary camel kneeling and is white glazed and the Goebel number is 46 820-12 and was also introduced in 1980. All three camels can be found in full color as well as the white glazed but are currently being produced only in color.

This page was updated 23 December 2022.


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